Himayat Baugh

The Himayat Baugh is the 17th-century garden that now houses the Fruit Research Station & Nursery, which is a part of the Marathwada Agricultural University. It is located near Delhi Gate in the Rauza Bagh area of Aurangabad. It is a sprawling complex spread over 300 acres (1.2 km2), naturally green, and in the olden days, it was known as the Mughal garden.

A stunning garden with more than 300 acres is called Himayat Baugh. Aurangazeb, the Mughal Emperor at the time, constructed it. It features unique species of flora, and the garden is exquisitely designed and maintained. It's a good idea to take long walks in the garden to unwind and recharge. You can relive the magnificence of the former Mughal era by going here. The most important site to see in Himayat Baugh is Barra Dirri.